Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Horse Photography

The morning after a winter storm these two quarter horses are playing in the fresh snow. The palomino on the left is chasing the buckskin dun. I altered this photo to look like a watercolor painting. To see more of my equine photos check out my Zazzle store.

Equine Photography
Get Photos of Horses at their finest!
When it comes to photography, there are many different subjects such as people, objects, scenery or animals. Whatever subject, photographers will bring out the best shots. One of my favorite subjects to photograph is horses. This animal has been one of the most captured ones because of its great synchronicity whenever it is running as a group. Because of this, people would want to have prints and paintings of horses that they can either display in their homes or offices.
Horses have been present in almost all the arts that can be found in history. It can be  seen in battles and used as a mode of transportation. Today, the horses are seen in photos and paintings when it is in a race with a cowboy or on the open range. Many horse images can be found today and they are sold depending on its quality. If you are fond of horses and want to have a glimpse of them in your home or office, just choose from lots of high quality images and paintings of horses that can be found today.
Equine photography is the term used when it comes to the photography of horses. This is a photograph wherein the main subject is horses and may include the rider. It can be tricky to capture horse images because they are either constantly on the move or just grazing. I try to utilize the sunlight and take the photo on its best angle.
On the other hand, horse photos and  paintings may be expensive because it isn't easy to capture an image of them. Hence, if you are looking for high quality photos of horses that you can afford, check out my Zazzle store.
 We have the horse photography prints that are perfect for your decor.

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